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Wally Modular Bookcase

Wally modular bookcase is the ultimate storage solution that ups the ante for organizational and decorative accommodations. Geometrically inspired and eye-catching, it makes a grand impression in any room in the house. Thanks to excellent Italian craftsmanship, it is durable for years to come and will be a staple piece of furniture.

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Kayak Buffet

Multi-dimensional and striking, Kayak buffet is an ideal addition to any area in need of storage and display opportunities. An utter one-of-a-kind product, the sideboard has a distinct design that adds a bold style to a modern home. There is ample room inside to keep items stored and organized, while the top offers plenty of space to showcase your beautiful pieces of decor.

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Apollo Ceiling Lamp

A stunning ceiling lamp. Each lampshade is made of 2 borosilicate glass spheres, the lower sphere in transparent glass and the upper sphere in transparent or painted glass (chrome, copper, or bronze).

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